Guest Player Policy

Guest players are NOT allowed in league play.  Period.  All players must be registered either as a primary or secondary player to their team to play ENSA league games. Coaches and teams fielding guest players shall be subject to fines and penalties suspension from Nebraska State Soccer Association.

If a player is found not registered to a team, then the use of players not registered to the team will result in forfeiture of the game, and NSSA may extend  further fines and suspensions to coaches, team, and  club. 

Teams may use the guest player approach for tournaments, if tournament rules allow, but for league play, all players need to be registered either as primary or secondary players.   A player can  be secondaried to your team, which means she is registered to a primary and to a second team.  The player must be on the official roster at gametime.
What happens when a referee checks player passes, if a player does not have a pass for the team playing, the referee reports to NSSA the name of the player.  NSSA  then checks their records to see if the player is registered to the team.  If the player is NOT registered to the team, NSSA then notifies the club and the league.  If the player is registered to another club, then that club is also notified  and a player's eligibility may be in jeopardy.
This policy may be found on the NSSA website under Section 10.